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Pricing Information
Below is pricing information for our Golf Certification program, as well as an explanation as to what is  involved and how the program is conducted. For more information, email or call us now!

We provide you with instructional materials, recommend books that are used for the class, and then we do either one or two online chat sessions a week, in a chatroom, and we review your assignments and test you.

Following is detailed information about the various seminars we offer with prices:

The courses are designed over a 4 week period, with two pricing options: For two chat sessions per week, or one chat session per week. The pricing is:$399 for 4 weeks of chat sessions, one chat session per week, and $550 for two chat sessions per week.

Additionally, we offer a discount if you choose more than one seminar to complete. For example, while one seminar is either $399/$550, depending on the number of chat sessions you choose, two seminars would be $550/$750, three seminars would be $700/$900, and all the seminars listed would be $1500/$2000!! A significant savings!
Taking all seminars is guaranteed to give you an edge versus your competition, and gives you an educational advantage in all important skill areas required for success in the golf industry.

For each seminar, written materials are emailed directly, skype or other chat sessions occur each week, quizzes and examsare given to receive certification. Each course is now detailed...

1) Certified Golf Operations:
What the program does is provide you will written materials that will train you regarding every step necessary to fully understand what is involved in Golf Operations Management, and includes the following, emailed directly to you:

A) Understanding Pro Shop Operations.

B) Understanding Tournament Operations.

C) Understanding Food and Beverage Operations.

D) Understanding Turfgrass Management.

E) Understanding Golf Budgeting and Planning from a Financial perspective.

F) Developing Policies and Procedures.

 2) Certified Course Management: (This program provides you with written materials and chat sessions regarding Turfgrass Course Management, emailed directly to you)
  A) Understanding Turfgrass Basics.
  B) Understanding major Turfgrasses utilized.
  C) Understanding proper mowing practices for greens, tees, fairways and rough.
  D) Understanding proper irrigation practices and procedures.
  E) Understanding proper fertilization and nutrition procedures.
  F) Understanding disease control procedures.

3) Customer Relatons:
  This program provides you with written materials and training regarding every step necessary to fully understand the importance of Customer Relations to your success as a manager, and to your facilities success: Topics include:

A) The importance of Customer Relations to you and your facility.

B) Customer Relations challenges and their affect on your operation.

C) Developing a framework for training your staff in good Customer Relations skills.

D) Testing the framework for each critical area of your operation.

E) Job aids to help your staff and facility meet challenging situations.

F) Case studies of Customer challenges and brainstorming solutions.

4) Supervising and Delegating:

A) Supervisory Challenges in the Golf Business and Facility.

B) Critical skills to handle challenges as a Supervisor.

C) Key elements of setting expectations, cultivating resources, creation of signals
to create employee performance, creating feedback systems.

D) Moving your employees to function at their highest level, and delegation methods
to maximize your efficency as a Supervisor.

E) Case studies of Supervising and Delegating challenges and solutions.

5) Teaching Golf Primer:

A) Golf Teaching Fundamentals (Grip, Aim, Set-up, weight shift, etc).

B) Teaching the fundamentals to players of all ability levels.

C) Using drills, computer and video in your instruction.

D) Understanding error correction methods and insuring your success as an instructor.

E) Case Studies of typical student problems and correction methods.

6) Risk Management:

A) Understanding safety risk at the typical golf facility.

B) Implementing a Risk Management Program to minimize safety risk:
     1) Doing an inspection to determine risk
     2) Removing or decreasing risk

C) Training your staff to implement the Risk Management Program.

D) Case Studies of Risk Management situations and solutions.

7) Tournament Management

A) Understanding Tournament basics, supplies, staffing, systems, resources.

B) Typical tournament formats and how to implement them at your facility.

C) Training staff and developing committes and structures to implement your tournaments.

D) Marking the golf course and setting up the facility prior to the event.

E) Marketing and publicity and "day of tournament" checklist.

8) Golf Event Management

A) How to organize events, from small to PGA Tour Caliber.

B) Analyzing your demographic environment and cultivating event sales.

C) Marketing your event.

D) Implementing policies and procedures to properly control your event.

E) Training your staff and facility department heads, "Best Practices" in event coordination.

9) Staff Training

A) "Best Practices" in training methods.

B) Developing a training system for you and your faciity.

C) Test cases to determine staff weakness and strengths.

D) Methods and procedures to implement training practices for department heads, and all employees.

I also offer a level 2 component to the program, please inquire about that.

We take payment by wire transfer, which is easily arranged.

We look forward to training you!!

Golf Concepts and Global Golf International

Executive Instruction Courses

Jack Nickaus teaching a seminar with Steve Eisenberg, Golf Concepts Founder
Steve Eisenberg

Golf Concepts offers distinct Golf Corporate Programs to suit your Business needs!!!

Here is a short list of some of our program offerings in this area:

1) CEO Skill Enhancement Program          

2) Golf Skill Enhancement Program for employees

3) Executive Women Corporate Program

4) Corporate Team Building Program

5) Corporate "Reward" your best employees program

6) Instructional Basics/Golf Psychology

7) Computer Video Indoor Instruction

8) Advanced Golf Instructional Program

9) Golf Business Psychology Program

We offer you the abiilty to ask us to design any type of blended program from the above list, or we can custom tailor a program that best serves your needs. We will brainstorm together to understand your circumstances and cultivate a relationship that will provide optimal value to your business!
Business Golf Programs
Executive Women's Golf Association hires Golf Concepts to re-purpose Golf For Business Curriculum!
This exciting news allows Golf Concepts to partner with a program that has done a world of good for networking opportunities for female players, and Golf Concepts and Stephen Eisenberg, PGA, are proud to develop that program which will meet their educational needs for the long-term!

Our Business Golf Programs help you to feel comfortable in the art of Business Golf. We offer programs for the beginner golfer, intermediate golfer and expert, as well as offering programs suited just to the etiquette and rules of the game of golf, and the etiquette and rules of business golf, which can be very, very different! We want you to feel comfortable with your clients on the golf course and in the eating area afterwards. Our powerpoint and speaker program gives you the tools you need for success in business golf!
Here is what we offer:

Business Golf 1-Basic
  • Golf Fundamentals
  • Basic Golf Etiquette
  • Playing with Clients

Business Golf 2-Advanced
  • Fundamentals,
  • Computer Swing Analysis

Business Golf 3-Golf Business
  • Psychology
  • Running Tournaments
  • Events
  • Fundraisers
Contact Golf Concepts for rate information. We will tailor a program to fit your needs.
Motivational Speaking using Golf Analogy

Golf Concepts offers motivational speaking seminars aimed at getting you and your business to think about business, and life, differently, using the challenges of golf as the means to that end! As you can tell, humor is a key to changing your attitude, as is understanding how your success-or lack thereof-can influence your work, or your teamwork,  at your job. With golf as the hub, these seminars are sure to "remove the block" and restore a more positive mindset.

  • Swing your Way To Success!
  • Laughing in Golf=Laughing in Life (And at Work!)
  • 5 Key Points to Success in Golf and Life
  • I Can't Make This Putt! I Can't Succeed at This Project! The Tools You Need for Both # Removing Golf and Work Mental Blocks
  • Do's and Dont'sof Golf and Life!
  • Problems at Home, Are Problems at Golf, Are Problems at Work. You, You and You!
  • Golf Focus, Work Focus=5 Keys of Golf that will Help you at Work!
  • Its How You Play The Game! (We Mean Work, not Golf!)
  • GPS! Golf Provides Success! Confidence on the Golf Course Inspires you in the Workplace!
  • Golf Course Challenges Solved= Workplace Challenges Solved: Its your Attitude!
  • Enjoy Golf, Enjoy Work, Hate Golf/Hate Work! # Problem Solving: Teammates in Golf, Teammates at Work!
  • Golf Course Humor Infects the Workplace with Humor
  • Attitudes and Choices: How you tackle the golf course is probably how you tackle the workplace!
  • Golf/Life/Work # Attitude and Belief-Yes You Can!!
  • Golf Goal Setting/Workplace Goal Setting: One, two, three, Score! # Positively Perfect Practicing
  • Golf Management is Project Management!
Employee Team Building
  • Solve your Team Dilemmas
  • Team Dissension=Project Incompletion, Use Golf to Build Relationships
  • Risk Taking-Team Member Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Lower your Golf Handicap to Build Team Leadership
  • Turning Workplace Weaknesses Into Strengths Through Golf
  • Mental Blocks Removed Through Golf Success!
  • Team Golf Competition, from Putting to Driving, All Teammates Contribute!!
  • MiniGolf-Its not Just For Families!
Sales Incentive Programs
  • Reward Your Best Producers With Great Golf and Instruction!
  • Computer Video Analysis by Top PGA Professionals!
  • "Play with the PGA Pros" Reward Program
  • From A to Z Golf Instruction for Top Producers!
  • Golf's Mental Game is the Sales Game!
  • Sales and the Golf Course: Conducting Business with Clients on the Golf Course!