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Executive Women's Golf Association hires Golf Concepts to re-purpose Golf For Business Curriculum!
This exciting news allows Golf Concepts to partner with a program that has done a world of good for networking opportunities for female players, and Golf Concepts and Stephen Eisenberg, PGA, are proud to develop that program which will meet their educational needs for the long-term!

Our Business Golf Programs help you to feel comfortable in the art of Business Golf. We offer programs for the beginner golfer, intermediate golfer and expert, as well as offering programs suited just to the etiquette and rules of the game of golf, and the etiquette and rules of business golf, which can be very, very different! We want you to feel comfortable with your clients on the golf course and in the eating area afterwards. Our powerpoint and speaker program gives you the tools you need for success in business golf!
Here is what we offer:

Business Golf 1-Basic
  • Golf Fundamentals
  • Basic Golf Etiquette
  • Playing with Clients

Business Golf 2-Advanced
  • Fundamentals,
  • Computer Swing Analysis

Business Golf 3-Golf Business
  • Psychology
  • Running Tournaments
  • Events
  • Fundraisers
Contact Golf Concepts for rate information. We will tailor a program to fit your needs.