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Expert Witness Services

Stephen Eisenberg thoroughly reviewed our case and all our supporting materials, and with his law school education and golf experience, was able to provide us with an opinion that was based on the facts of the case, as it related to the golf course issues at hand. He was easy to get a hold of, responded in a timely fashion to our requests, and was professional the entire time. Compared to a lot of experts that I have been involved with, he stands above them.

Beecher Bartlett, Esq, Tennessee

Below are additional references regarding very recent cases that are pending or recently settled:
1) Larry Roberts, Esq, in Tennessee,  423-963-5090  423-963-5090 . I have consulted very
    recently with Larry and I am his expert in some golf litigation involving a very serious 
    death case. Our golf expertise has provided him with new perspective on this case.

2) George Lyles, OLSON, CANNON, GORMLEY & DESRUISSEAUX, Las Vegas,(702)
    384-4012. This case went to arbitration and my work was credited by George as exceptional.

3) Kimberly Valishinas-Doubleday and Cicero,  954-626-5078  954-626-5078
    Defense case. Site examination performed, deposition taken. Client dismissed from case.

4) N. Mark Kinsman, Tennessee, 423-756-3333
    Defense case. Site examination performed, mediation conducted. Mark can attest to the
    thoroughness of the site examination performed. Settlement well below adjuster estimate.

5) Sean Sullivan, Kelly and Sullivan, Las Vegas, 702-385-7270
    Plaintiff's case. Settlement of $900,000 after Mr. Eisenberg's opinion was provided. 


Seminars and Corporate Programs
Golf Concepts and Steve Eisenberg developed a seminar program and golf management module that captivated our audience of 40 General Managers for three straight days! By the end of the program, we felt we had gained some keen insight into the American Golf Industry that will allow us to build our own programs better in our own country. Thank you for your help!
Peggy Lee
Renmin Univeristy, Beijing, China
Golf Instruction and Training
Steve Eisenberg and Golf Concepts have been leaders in training and certification for as many years as I can remember. He was my mentor when I was going through the PGA's training program in the mid-90's, and has continued to mentor me to this day.
Jeff Jackson, PGA Professional, Eagle Ridge Country Club