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Club Profit Analysis

Golf Concepts International can offer your golf facility consulting services geared toward determining its' true profit potential. Why let weaknesses hold your facility back? Can you afford to in this economy?

Let Golf Concepts, Inc., the lead trainer of over 5000 PGA industry General Managers, Facility Owners and Head Golf Professionals, guide you step-by-step, through its secret shopper service and budget auditing, to determine your facilities areas of strength and weakness, and provide you a training and implementation plan to overcome those weaknesses and harness your strengths! Steve Eisenberg of our team, during the years 2001 to 2004 was the Faculty Coordinator and point person responsible for spearheading training and development for the PGA of America. Imagine what his efforts can do for your facility!

Golf Concepts uses the following as tools in this assessment:

  • A proprietary software system to do its budget auditing of profit and expense which allows your faciilty to plan for a 10 year period of proper budget allocation 
  • Waste assessment areas and recommendations to overcome such factors
  • Pricing strategy assessment with reference to your target market and demographic
  • Member Recruitment Assessment and maketing plan recommendation
  • Supplier comparision and recommendations
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • Golf Business planning assessment
This combination of assessment tools and strategies, and our 20 years of experience as Attorneys, General Managers and Facility Owners, gives you a level of assessment that will make you confident that no stone has been left unturned, and that you have hedged your bet with regard to facility profit potential!
Secret Shopper Service
Golf Concepts, Inc. feels there is high value in undergoing a "secret shopper" assessment in the operational areas of your facility.
As Golf Course and Golf Facility Consultants, we will perform the following, according to your request:
  • An evaluation of the targeted departmental area/areas, with strengths and weaknesses noted.
  • An examination of policies and procedures for the targeted area/areas.
  • An examination of the present training plan for the departmental area/areas.
  • Recommendations on change with a detailed report.
  • Rewriting of policies and procedures for the targeted area/areas.
  • Training of all department personnel with regard to recommended changes.

After undergoing our secret shopper service assessment, you will feel confident that the operational areas assessed will be performing at peak efficiency.

Staff Training Programs

Golf Concepts, Inc. was good enough to be hired by the PGA of America, to be their Faculty Coordinator for training and development, imagine what it can do in helping you to meet your Staff training goals! Golf Concepts, Inc.,  consults on Golf Facility Staff Training issues that are hampering the optimal performance of your facility. 
We will sit down with your General Manager and PGA Professional, as well as your Food and Beverage Manager, and determine staff training weaknesses, resulting in recommendations based on your golf facility's specific needs. 

Golf Concepts will provide improvement plans for all club and operational areas from customer relations and staff training to policies and procedures and bottom-line analysis.  Consulting can occur on either a one-time basis for staff,  or an on-going review on a quarterly or yearly basis. Golf Concepts will also perform daily management of golf operations, for those facilities that are newly constructed or are under new ownership.

Golf Concepts offers individualized coaching to enhance the skills of the golf industry employee, whatever capacity is involved.  From golf professionals and general managers to assistant professionals and professional staff, your skills are assessed and a program of coaching improvement is developed. 

In addition, we offer Career Counseling Services, Placement Skills, Skill Assessment, Skill Development, Portfolio Development, Resume & Cover Letter Critique, Appearance & Etiquette, Interviewing & Preparation Presentation Skills, Salary Negotiations & Strategies, Teaching, and Increasing Your Merchandising IQ.

Golf Concepts offers a placement service for employees as well as a placement service for golf operations.  We have successfully trained thousands of industry professionals who are now employed in clubs across the country, providing an unparalleled networking environment.
Turfgrass Consulting
Golf Concepts partners with leading Agronomists, Golf Course Renovation/Construction Specialists, and Irrigation Specialists to provide full-scale Facility Consulting.

In the present economic environment, golf facilities are experiencing pressures to minimize costs and maximize profits. Golf Concepts has been advocating a "Green Approach" to minimizing golf maintenance costs for years. We have partnered with top-flight companies that provide products that make a "minimalist" approach to maintenance a reality for your facility, and offer state-of-the-art Golf Course Renovation and Construction planning and implementation.

For example, our partnership now extends to Case Golf Company, a company that takes seriously the environmental issues surrounding golf courses today, as well as innovative strategies to help your facilities bottom line, and Sanders Golf, who has lived and breathed golf construction and renovation since 1985, involved in all levels of projects from the low to high-end facility, and with a family reputation in the business that is superceded by none. Finally, we have recently partnered with Dave Ragan, who brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of irrigation construction, renovation and maintenance. We are one-stop when it comes to your golf course construction, renovation, mananagement and turfgrass renovation needs.

When Golf Concepts asks facilities what areas of concern they have for their operations, maintenance costs and revenue generation are the two most often cited issues they wish to address. Golf Concepts will take an in-depth look at your maintenance philosophy, analyzing it product by product, then recommending cost saving remedies in the areas of product purchase, as well as doing an analysis of the golf course, to determine areas of the golf course where reduced maintenance might actually be a benefit to the facility, from a cost perspective, as well as from an aesthetic perspective. Golf Concepts has recently partnered with leading agronomists to provide such services. For example, Ryan Berger, GCSAA member and Head of Agronomy, provides keen insight for Golf Concepts into this critical area. Golf Concepts is also associated with the American Society of Golf Course Architects and the Golf Course Builders Association of America.

Golf Course Revenue Generation is the second area that Golf Concepts Consulting addresses that allows a facility to maximize its potential revenue streams. We analyze your existing revenue in key performance areas, determine areas of improvement, and provide a strategic action plan to help your clubs improvement.

Golf Concepts, Inc., through its' team of highly skilled professionals, can assess your turfgrass problems and provide solutions to get your golf course back on the track to proper maintenance practices. Contact us today and we will perform a site visit and get you started!
Golf Club Risk Assessment
Golf Concepts Consulting sees lawsuits of every type abound in modern society, and golf courses are not immune from them.

Did you know that there are 50,000 lawsuits each year stemming from injuries at a golf facility or from a golf cart? After a lawsuit is commenced, your facility faces the possibility of drastically increased insurance rates, or the more drastic possibility that your insurance will be cancelled, with disruptions of time and personnel while the lawsuit continues for 2 to 3 years.
Our founder, Stephen Eisenberg, a Golf Risk Management Expert, has spoken and been published internationally on risk management issues surruounding golf courses and the golf industry. As a PGA Professional and with a law degree, as well as 17 years of knowledge of golf related legal issues, he and his personally-trained Golf Concepts staff are in business to help you avoid this scenario. Golf Concepts can do any or all of the following to help your feel comfortable that your facility has taken all the steps it can to minimize exposure to costly lawsuits:
  • Examine all golf holes, practice areas and clubhouse to determine areas of maximum risk.  
  • Do an "A to Z" examination of your facility policies and procedures to determine if they expose your club to risk.   
  • Analyze the law in your state, with your legal counsel, as it pertains to golf operations, to point out areas of concern and areas of exposure.
  • Provide  you with an "Accident Prevention Plan" with the results of our examination.
  • Conduct training with Staff and Key Management Personnel to help better their  awareness of risks and provide strategies to help minimize risk.
  • Consult directly with your Golf Insurance Company to put them on notice of our plan, which should result in significant cost-savings to your facility.
After Golf Concepts has visited your facility, we are happy to conduct a follow-up visit after you have implemented our suggestions.
Demographics & Marketing Evaluation

Golf Concepts, through its network of nearly 5000 industry wide professionals who have participated in a seminar led by a Golf Concepts representative, has widespread access to this group, which represents the entire cross-section of the United States, and brings this information back to you in the form of targeted programs and research analysis.

As such, our team will do the following:

  • An Examination of the existing golf facility marketing plan, with this "Strengths and weaknesses" assessment providing you with valued critique to determine whether you are keeping up with the competition, or falling behind with outdated programs.
  • Additionally, our research will focus on the area golf demographics as it relates to those individuals who might be wishing to become members of your club, or customers at your facility. This is done by reaching out to this demographic in research studies performed by Golf Concepts representatives.
  • We will examine your golf course pricing structure and analyze your program offerings.
  • Finally, our submission to your facility of a modified marketing plan will assure you that you have done all that you can to make it likely that your golf course can succeed, for the short-term and the long-term!

Contact Golf Concepts today, and let us get started anaylyzing your present marketing efforts. 

Golf Course Master Planning & Strategic Planning
Is your facility contemplating a renovation, or addition, to the golf course or golf facility? Golf Concepts, Inc. staff can help you consider all the important factors, from a budget standpoint, to securing the right vendors to do the work for you, in the development of the Master and Strategic Plan.

We are there as your strategic partner every step of the way. Our recommendations can save your facility money in the short term, and wasteful spending in the long term. We have parnterships with companies all viewed as industry pioneers, either through there efforts at cost savings, or through their reputation as both price conscious, and result oriented.
Our experience allows us to pick potential vendors for you, interview them, examine their proposals, all to help insure that they have your best interests in mind, before you make a committment to them. We can develop Master and Strategic Plans for your golf operation such as the following:
  • Initial Golf Facility Master and Strategic Planning
  • Golf Clubhouse Renovation
  • Golf Course Renovation
  • Golf Practice Facility Renovation
  • Golf Teaching Centers 
  • Golf Facility Business Planning
Contact Golf Concepts today and get your project started the correct way!
Club Management Programs

Golf Concepts International has performed on-site club and facility management for 17 years, and has trained PGA Managers for that same time about best practices in Golf Club and Golf Facility Management, and is offering the following Club Management and Consultation Programs: We are your golf management company!

  1. Full time, on-site golf facility management of your club, with a designated Golf Concepts employee directing operations, and using existing employees, or with employees we hire and train for you. 
  2. Periodic monthly or quarterly review of your golf club operation, to keep you on track in all operational areas.

We have extremely experienced golf management personnel with our company and the networking resources to recruit from the over 3000 PGA Professionals we have trained, to provide your operation with qualified management and staff, who will possess the marketing acumen and strategic planning skills to make your club profitable, or if a private club, to keep expenses contained while maximizing member recruitment programs and club offerings.

We can write the golf policies and procedures manual for all major operational areas of your club, conduct hiring and training programs for staff, provide teamwork and team building platforms to achieve a high level of efficiency in operations, conduct customer research to determine club strengths and weaknesses, and do budgeting auditing and analysis using our proprietary software system.

If your club wishes to improve its performance, why not give Golf Concepts the opportunity to examine your organization and provide a management plan!
Contact Golf Concepts today!