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Golf Cart Safety Article

In the following article, a general discussion occurs regarding golf car safety and golf car accidents.  The issue surrounds the type of safety features available, and why or why aren't they incorporated. A golf car or golf cart accident expert and forensic investigation team, like Golf Concepts, Inc., is often called to render an opinion on the circumstances behind a golf car accident.

That slow-moving golf cart is safe, right?

Golf Car Accident Case

The following accident occurs all too often in our summer months. Golf Car Accidents occur more often due to increased frequency of use. Fortunately, it appears this individual will recover.

Golf Car Accident, Critical Injury Manson boy hurt in golf cart accident

Golf Course Pelted with Golf Balls

In a scenario all too often encountered, this article from the Naples News presents the challenge of living on a golf course. The question becomes: What is the responsibility for the golf course to insure the safety of homeowners living adjacent to the golf course? An expert witness in golf may often be asked to render a report indicating the issues, and posing solutions to the problem, if there are any. Golf Concepts, Inc. is considered an expert in helping solve this problems presented in this area.

Golf Expert Witness News
Check this area for recently publisized incidents involving golf-related accidents,  typically involving golf course accidents, golf car accidents, golf course design defects, or some other type of golf course litigation.

We will keep you abreast of cases and situations  as we find them.

(Updated  May, 2018)
Golf Expert Witness News: Coal Ash Dump
In the first situation described, as stated in the article below, a golf course was designed and constructed, with the plaintiffs claming that the intent of the design was truly to have the course act as a waste dump for a nearby coal plant. Not your typically golf course litigation, to say the least! Stay here for the interesting and extraordinary!
Tragic Golf Related Accident
October 6th, 2009: Man Killed In Golf Course Accident

A round of golf turned deadly for a man from Garland, Texas.
Sixty-one year-old William Grant was playing in a tournament at Sherrill Park Golf Course in Richardson, when he overshot the 12th green.  Police Sgt. Kevin Perlich says Grant's ball went about 10 feet down an embankment.  Grant went to retrive the ball but fell over the edge head first.

Witnesses on the other side of the embankment dialed 911, but Grant could not be saved.  He was pronounced dead at Parkland late Friday evening.  Sgt. Perlich says this tragic accident should serve as a reminder to be aware of your surroundings even if your just on the golf course.
Expert Witness in Golf Driving Range Accident

Here is a case of golf course litigation that really points out the dangers of driving range accidents. In this case, the tee dividers of the driving range were considered to have contributed to the incident. And, the suggestion was made that ropes would have been a better alternative. What I am unable to ascertain is how the dividers were positioned. I have encountered a significant number of golf range set-ups where divider position, and not just composition, contributed to the accident. Regardless, a golf expert witness was crucial in helping the sides to settle this case.

Expert Witness in Golf Article 2
This is a truly tragic case that happens thousands of times in this country every year. Golf Car accidents are one of the highest causes of death and injury in the golf industry.

TD Bank executive Papotto dies in golf course accident

Philadelphia Business Journal TD Bank Senior Vice President Frank Papotto died from head trauma Friday after falling from a moving golf cart on a South Jersey course, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Officials said the 46-year-old Moorestown, N.J., resident was pronounced dead at Cooper University Hospital, where he had been airlifted following the accident at the Rancocas Country Club Golf Course in Willingboro, according to the Inquirer.

In a statement, TD Bank said, “Frank’s sudden passing has come as a huge shock to us all. He was an icon at [TD precursor] Commerce Bank and later TD Bank and truly represented the best of who we are for more than 28 years. He touched thousands of employees throughout our footprint and he will be sorely missed. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family and loved ones.”