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Greening of Golf

Greening of Golf-A Prime Example:

We found this article from social media recently, and it is a prime example of the future of the golf industry-if it wishes to survive, which, from some of the decisions we see made on a daily basis, appears debatable. Facilities need to find ways to save money, and here is a perfect opportunity to make that happen with your golf car fleet...Courtesy of Earth Care Green Products. Interestingly, this device will probably be a long term solution for golf clubs, but we have seen many "early adopters" of this technology.

Green Products: Thin-Film Solar Golf Cart Charger

4 January 2010

In this budding age of sustainability, EarthCare Green Products has come out with a fresh thin film solar initiative that promises better efficiency than standard hard panels. These pioneering peel and stick solar golf cart chargers use amorphous solar cells with strong light absorption capabilities, and are coated with an Ethylene Propylene Copolymer tape – industrial grade tape formulated with reinforced rubber – which is high performance, non-drying and non-hardening for maximum efficacy. The peel and stick kits are all-inclusive with wire harness, solar panel, primary change controller,green-products-thin-film-solar-chargerfuse holder, battery harnesses and full installation instructions. Panels weigh just around 4 lbs each and installation is simple, requiring only two individuals and about 15 minutes. Kit costs vary from around $700-to $1,595 per panel, and buyers are eligible to receive a 30 percent federal tax credit. EarthCare guarantees excellent product performance for three years, but assure that they can well perform for more than ten years. For additional information, check out EarthCare Green Products.
Golf Concepts Hired as China Facility Consultant!
Golf Concepts partners with China for Facility Consultation!

Golf Concepts, through its Chinese affiliate, has partnered with several leading Chinese clubs to offer Golf Facility and Golf Course Consulation! We conduct a full facility analysis and make recommendations in all key golf management and golf facility operational areas. Circling the globe to bring you the best Golf management and golf facility consulting advice!
Golf Careers

Ever wonder what you could do with education and certification from Golf Concepts International? We provide programs that teach you the fundamentals of the career's listed below. Tell us what type of career you are interested in, and we will train you to be well-rounded in this area!

Here are some of your exciting career choices, representing the "A" to "Z's" of Golf Career!

Assistant Golf Course Superintendent
Assistant Golf Professional
Computer Service/Data Processing
Coordination, Planning and Implementation of Golf Events for Organizations, Businesses, or Associations 

Corporate Golf Professional

Director of Club Operations

Director of Golf at a Golf Facility

Director of Golf Instruction

Director of Golf or Head Golf Professional at a Golf Facility under construction

Driving Range Owner 

General Manager

Golf Accessories and Gifts Sales Representative

Golf Administrator of a Golf Association

Golf Apparel Sales Representative

Golf Artist

Golf Ball Retriever/Diver

Golf Broadcaster/Commentator on Television, Radio, Cable, Internet or other forms of Media

Golf Cart Manufacturing/Sales

Golf Cart Owner/Rental/Lease

Golf Clinician/Trick Shot Artist

Golf Club Designer

Golf Club fitter

Golf Club Maker/Assembler

Golf Club Manufacturer

Golf Club Manufacturer Research and Development Director

Golf Club Repair Service

Golf Club Tester

Private Golf Club Report

Private Club's are seeking ways to remain profitable in this challenging economic climiate. When you see golf course memberships offered for pennies, it makes you wonder what the future holds for the private golf club sector. Our opinion is that private golf courses across the country will seek out ways to bring the public into their facility, and at the same time trying to minimize that outside influence to its' membership.

Members, in the meantime, will be balancing a loss of the very privelege they paid for, with the thought of having to pay assessment fees if the club turns into the red, which many clubs are at this point in time.

Look for private facilities to offer creative ways to become members of their clubs, such as no equity fee arrangements, reduced or paid out over time arrangements, or a waiver of dues or reduction in dues over a period of time. It has never been a better time to consider a private membership at a golf club!

Golf Teaching and Tour News
Golf Concepts International has been receiving inquiries as of late to represent and promote tour players who are on the formative golf tours, or who have decided to pursue a career in teaching. Additionally, Golf Concepts is in the process of formulating an agreement to act as the promoter and sponsor of a Top 20 PGA Instructor! With our knowledge of the law and marketing, we can represent you as a Golf Sports Agent!
New Golf Instructional Program

Players Program Announcement!!!

Have you ever wanted to work in the golf industry, but were only motivated by teaching and playing? You don't like the pro shop, you don't want to fold shirts for a living, you just want to play tournaments and teach for a living? Well, Golf Concepts has a brand new program just for you!

Its called the Players Certification Program, where you will be able to secure your industry position in the area of teaching and playing, by proving your playing ability, and learning the best methods to teach the game of golf!